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R1234yf refrigerant, tetrafluoropropene, as a single refrigerant, has excellent environmental parameters, GWP=4, ODP=0, life cycle climate performance (LCCP) is lower than R134a, and the atmospheric decomposition products are the same as R134a. And its system performance is better than R134a. If R1234yf is used to replace R134a refrigerant, automobile manufacturers can continue to use the original Mobile Air-Conditioning (MAC) system. Therefore, R1234yf is considered to be a potential new-generation automotive refrigerant substitute, and has been accepted by automobile manufacturers in Western Europe.


The boiling heat transfer performance of R1234yf is slightly better than that of R134a, and the pressure drop in the condensation process is 5%-10% lower than that of R134a, which is better than that of R134a system. In many simulation and experimental studies of R1234yf and R134a systems, the performance of R1234yf heat pumps is slightly lower than that of R134a, but it can be very close to or even surpass R134a by optimizing components, strengthening air supply, and improving working conditions. The R1234yf low-pressure saturation pressure is about 15% higher than that of R134a, which can be adapted to a higher compressor speed. The heating performance at low temperature is better than that of R134a, and the lower compressor discharge temperature makes the system work more stable and strengthens the air supply. The effect is also better than R134a.



R1234yf refrigerant parameters

Name: Trans 2,3,3,3-Tetrafluoropropene/R1234yf/HFO-1234yf Classification: Pure substance
Molecular weight: 114 CAS number: 754-12-1
Standard boiling point: -29.5 ℃ Critical temperature: 94.7 ℃
Critical pressure: 3.38MPa

R1234yf storage and transportation

In general, air-conditioning systems using R1234yf refrigerant are more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly than competing technologies, and are as efficient as R134a, exhibiting competitive cooling performance in all climates. In most cases, R1234yf refrigerant can be used directly in the current system materials, and the installation cost is low. Unlike many of the alternatives currently in use, R1234yf is less flammable and toxic, non-corrosive, and operates at pressures familiar to repair technicians.

R1234yf quality index

Appearance, colorless transparent gas

Purity, % ≥ 99.5

Moisture, mg/kg ≤100

Acidity, mg/kg ≤1.0

Evaporation residue, mg/kg ≤100

Uses of R1234yf

Low GWP new refrigerant, replacing R134a for automotive refrigeration and air conditioning.

Raw material: Hexafluoropropylene

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